During Skagit's 24 years of service, she took her crew to many ports of call, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Yokosuka, Beppu. Toyama, Moji, Sasebo, Kamakura, Pusan, Inchon, Kobe, Numazu, Manila, Subic Bay, Guam, Taku Bar, Panama, Alaska, Hawaii, Okinawa, Hachinohe, Marseille, Siagon, Danang, Phu Bai, Chu Lai, and most ports on the west coast of the United States.

The following are pictured memories of those visits submitted by our shipmates.


Liberty, Sasebo 1952

R. Ianni - unk - unk - D. Daugherty - A. Grover - Mcknight

Photo: Darrell Daugherty

Stateside Locker Club 1955

Simpson - Turcotte

Bob "Duke" Simpson - Rolland Turcotte

Photo: Rolland Turcotte

Kamakura, Japan 1955

Kamakura, Japan 1955

R. Turcotte ET3 - R. Hackenberg TE3 - Sutrick FT3

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

On Liberty, WestPac 1955

Joe Slater - Randy Mincey - Jim Kennel - Jim "Tomcat" Thompson

Photo: Jim Kennel

EM Club, Yokosuka, Japan 1955

Yokosuka EM Club

Rolland Turcotte - unk - Ray Hackenberg

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

Ray Hackenberg TE3

Tiger Balm Gardens

Hong Kong 1955

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

Rolland Turcotte ET3

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

Subic Bay EM Club 1955

Here's to You, and San Magoo

Bob "Duke" Simpson and Rollland Turcotte

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

Subic Bay 1955

Tom Harder - Rolland Turcotte

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

Moji, Japan 1955

Moji Mayor

Captain Tiedeman is greeted by the Mayor of Moji when Skagit was invited for a visit.

Photo: Ray Hackenberg

To visit Ray's Moji Picture Gallery......


Hong Kong, February 1957

Liberty in Hong Kong, February 1957

Ed Wetzel - C.A. Rush - F. Riddle - unk - Ron Greiner

Picture: C. A. Rush



These pictures were taken at the British Royal Army Base, Corporal's Mess, in Hong Kong, on October 20, 1958.
In both pictures Richard Boone, CS3 is second from the right.

Photos: Richard and Marilyn Boone


Luttrell, Wright, Chandler

John LuttrellBilly WrightEddie Chandler

Photo:John Luttrell

SUBIC BAY P. I. 1962

Subic Bay 1962

R. Gorski - D. Ledbetter - D. Paukert - unk - unk - G. Slinkard

Photo: Dennis Paukert

McDonald - Jerry Morrison - unk

McDonald - Jerry Morrison - unk


Jerry Morrison - Billy Lynn Wright

Jerry Morrison - Billy Lynn Wright

Photos: Jerry Morrison

Sasebo, Japan 1962

Moore, Jack Daniels, Dennis Ledbetter

"Little" Moore - Jack Daniels - Dennis Ledbetter


Unknown, Jack Daniels

Unknown - Jack Daniels

Photos: Jack Daniels

Nagasaki Peace Park 1962

Mike Christensen

WesPac 1964

unk - Ray Cowan - Porter RM2 - Roberts RMSN


Brit - Brit - unk - Homer Hays - Ray Cowan

Photos: Ray Cowan


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