AKA / LKA 105

Hard Turn To Port, 1968

Built ByNorth Carolina Shipbuiding Company,
Wilmington, North Carolina
Hull TypeC2-S-AJ3
Launched18 November 1944
Converted ByBethlehem Steel Company Shipyard, Brooklyn N.Y.
Commissioned2 May 1945
NicknameSkag Maru
Length459' 2"
Maximum Draft26' 4"
Displacement (without cargo)9,500 tons
Cargo Carrying Capacity5,000 tons
Number of Hatches5
Number of Holds7
Number of Booms4-35 ton, and 10-5 ton
Vehicle Capacity22 - 2 1/2 ton trucks, and 60 3/4 ton trucks
Maritme Compliment331 Enlisted
35 Officers
Troop Capacity94 Enlisted
12 Officers
Number of BoatsLCM, 8
LCVP, 6 (14 Wartime)
Time to launch all boats25 minutes ( Approximately )
Main EngineGeneral Electric; Geared turbine drive
Horsepower of main engine6,000 shaft horsepower
Number of Shafts1 ( One )
Number of BoilersTwo sinous header, WT boilers manufactured by Combustion Engineering, each containing 1452 1" generating tubes, 252 1 1/4" super heater tubes, and 1226 1 1/2" air heater tubes, supplying steam at 450 psi and 750 degrees F
Electrical Power3 - 30 KW turbo generators
( DC current )
Normal Steaming Speed15 knots
Endurance Distance10,000 miles at 15 knots
Fuel Capacity430,000 gallons of fuel oil
Reserve Feed68,000 gallons of boiler feed water
Fresh Water97,000 gallons
Evaporator Capacity16,000 gallons per day
Armnament Four 40 MM AA Twin Mounts

This information came from the
1965 - 1966 Cruise Book
and crew input.

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