Edward A. Beam
~ Jim ~
1929 - 2006



Edward Arthur Beam passed away peacefully on September 15, 2006 in Citrus Heights, CA, where he had retired with, and now is survived by, his beloved second wife, Mary Lou Beam.

Ed "Jim" Beam had retired from a 22-year career in the Navy in 1968, and served 25 more years as an oil recovery and abatement specialist.

Ed was born in 1929 in Peoria, Illinois; joined the Navy at age 17 and toured the world on Navy ships.

Ed served aboard USS Skagit as a Seaman First Class from 1950 till 1953, and was a long time member, and officer of the USS Skagit Reunion Association.

On a tour to Korea, he met his cherished first wife, Betty Beam (laid to rest in 1985). They married and had two loving children. Ed was a generous and loving grandpa to five grandchildren, and to four great-grandchildren. He loved them with all of his heart. He also welcomed into his family and loved all of Mary Lou's children and grandchildren.

Ed was a warm, caring big man, whose heart was even bigger than his body. He was loved by all and will be deeply missed.

Ed is buried in San Diego at El Camino Memorial Park, Sorrento Valley.

Ed Beam