Carroll W. Brigham Captain, USN

Captain C. W. Brigham

October 13, 1914 - June 12, 1998

Captain Carroll W. Brigham, USN. was Commanding Officer of the Skagit, and assumed command on October 27, 1960, relieving Captain Samuel B. Purdie, USN.

A native Californian, Captain Brigham graduated from the University of California at Berklely, California, in 1935.

He entered the Navy as a graduate of the NROTC program from that university.

During World War II, Captain Brigham had continuous sea duty in the Atlantic in command of various ASW type ships.

During this time the ships under his command were assigned to anti-submarine operations as coastal and ocean escort of convoys, local escort forces in the North African invasion in 1942, and as ASW training ships.

In the post war years, Captain Brigham served as Commanding Officer of the USS Wiltsie (DD-716) during the Korean War, and on the staffs of Commander Western Sea Frontier, Commander Service Division 31, and Commander First fleet.

Prior to assuming command of the Skagit, Captain Brigham served as Commanding Officer of the U. S. Fleet ASW School, at San Diego, California.