James W. Dougherty Memorial

James Dougherty

Born and raised in New York, Jim joined the Navy when he was 17.

After Boot Camp in San Diego, Electricians Mate "A" school, and a years duty in Japan, Jim reported to Skagit in 1958.

After leaving the Navy in 1960, Jim stayed with his rating and worked as an Electrician, doing commercial work, and working for NOAA at their weather station facilities at airports around the country.

Jim attended the Association reunions when ever possible, his last being in Sacramento 2000.

Jim passed away on November 29, 2000 after a long illness, and his remains were committed to the sea from the Guided Missle Cruiser USS Vella Gulf CG72, in June of 2001.

USS Vella Gulf CG72

Lord God,
By the power of your word you stilled the chaos of the primeval seas, you made the raging waters of the Flood subside, and calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee.
As we commit the earthly remains of our brother to the deep, grant him peace and tranquility until that day when he and all who believe in you will be raised to the glory of new life promised in the waters of baptism.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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