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14 June 1952 - Skagit, LSM 226 and LSTs of TF-90 commenced lift of Army engineers, equipment and provisions to sites selected for new POW compounds, in preparation for further dispersal of POW's remaining on Koje-do.

3 July 1952 - TF-90 amphibious vessels commenced the redeployment of 70,000 trouble-making POW's from Kojo-Do to new prison camps on other islands.
By 17 July the operation had been completed, without incident.


(In Korean Do Means Island)

Two prison compounds were built by the Army on Yoncho-Do. One for those with questionable loyalties, and the other for trouble makers.
General Kellog was Commanding General of POW operations.Yoncho-Do POW compound was but one of 45.

General Kellog Inspecting Site Of
North Korean POW Camp

In the background, you can see the supplies which an American engineering company brought up the hill from LST's for the Military Police Garrison.
Interesting in that the South Korean Rangers carried all their equipment themselves.

Venon Drewa Awaiting Message

Portable radio gear is on my left. Verticle pole behind chair is antenna. Our small cook fire is on my right.

Army MP - V. Drewa RM1 - T. Rice RM3 - H. Meeks RM3

Here is the comm unit we set up on Yoncho-Do.
Missing from the picture is a man named Hayward.

The small boy's name is "Coe". He is an orphan from Seoul, and had followed an American MP company to the island.
No name for the larger boy. He was a native of Yoncho-Do, and was later arrested as a North Korean sympathizer.

Vernon Drewa RM1

Vernon Drewa RM1
Going On Shore Patrol In Sasebo

If your wondering why we have a boat from the NAB hanging in our davits, it's because when we deployed not all of our boats were ready to go, so we borrowed two from the Phib Base at Coronado.

Information Source

Korean War Naval Chronology,
May-August 1952

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