USS Skagit Family Gram

1967 WestPac Cruise


Our journey across the Pacific came to an end one week ago when we entered Danang Harbor, Viet Nam and moored alongside the newly constructed deep-water piers to off-load cargo. It was much easier alongside the piers, as I understand last year all cargo was first loaded into our boats and then transferred to land. Our hatch crews made a fast job of it, and we were off to Okinawa early the next morning.

Two days in Okinawa afforded us the chance to get ashore and see the sights of the Island made famous by the major sea and WWII battles fought there during World War II. While the living standards on Okinawa are the highest in the area of the world our crew saw how fortunate we Americans are in terms of housing, food supply, and schooling. Our hatch crews worked the Ship's booms around the clock for two days to load our new cargo. We rotated as often as possible, but the work was hard and I appreciated the truly great effort that everyone put into their job.

It was a short two-day jaunt between Okinawa and Sasebo, Japan. We will be here for several days of upkeep and re-supply. It will also afford us the opportunity to see Japan. Nowhere are the people more genuinely friendly the culture more fascinating and the scenery more beautiful.. We will have several tours of the area, organized by our special services officer, and no doubt, some divisional parties will be held.

If you were watching the weather reports lately, you may know that two typhoons were in the area. Typhoon Annie crossed our path between Danang and Okinawa about 350 miles ahead of the Ship. Billie was 450 miles distant when we left Okinawa. The weather has continued to be calm and hot.

I can assure you that the ship will do it's most to steer clear of any disturbance, as we continually receive accurate reports of all storms in the South China Sea.

I want to congratulate those of you who have been writing your loved ones on board so often and urge you to continue doing so. Everyone can hardly wait for the word "Mail Call" to be passed when we reach port. Keep the letters coming. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have written expressing your appreciation of our Family Gram. We are glad that they are so well received.

W. A. Mackey
Captain U. S. Navy
Commanding Officer