Don McCain's
USS Skagit Pictures

Don McCain BM3 served aboard Skagit from August 1950 to March 1954 as a Boat Cox'n.

The following photos were taken during operations in Inchon, Koje Do Korea, Alaska, and liberty in Hong Kong.

Korea 1951

Don McCain on Condition 3 Gun (Watch) Station.

Beach Observers Going Into Inchon 1951

Inchon 1951

Hospital Ship USS Repose Inchon 1951

LST Beached At Inchon

Inchon has 30 foot tides, and going out it moves at about 5 to 7 knots.

Inchon Korea

This church shows war damage after our Air Force did a strafing run to chase out the North Koreans during MacArthur's 1950 invasion.

Koje Do

LCMs tied up along side taking a break from hauling supplies.

Koje Do

Note the LCPR second from the left, an old version of the LCPL with a small ramp.

Koje Do

Hauling Steel Matting Into The Beach

Koje Do

Clearing The Island For New Prison Camp

Koje Do

Hauling a Load of Steel Plates and Barbed Wire

Koje Do

Bos'n Mate Kelly, and Crew
Holding Down Steel Plates

Koje Do

Old Korean Farmer

Koje Do

Korean Women Making Rice Meal

Koje Do

South Korean Work Party Aboard For Chow Down

Skeehan - Turrini - McCain - Sharp

Skeehan - Terry McClure - Babb

Alaska July 1953

Don McCain, Cox'n and Bill Park, Engineer
Hauling Supplies Into Pt. Barrow

unk - Marinello - Sharp - McCain

Resturante On "Lido Beach" Hong Kong 1952