Michael Stanley's
USS Skagit Photos

Michael Stanley PN3 served aboard from July 1965-May 1967 in X Division, during the 1965-1966 WestPac Cruise Skagit participated in Operation Double Eagle off the coast of Viet Nam.

Below are Michael's Scrapbook Photos.

Unk - Mike Stanley - Glenn Bergeron

December 1966

Mike Stanley - UNK DK3

Da Nang 1966

Daniel Deleon PN2 - Dennis Kingwell SN, X Division

Garden Club, Sasebo Japan

Church in Sasabo, Japan Winter of 1966 or 1967

Bob Harker - Dennis Kingwell - Mike Stanley

Singing Onward Christian Soldiers

Lower Away

Boats In The Water

Boats Along Side

Assembly Circle Off Viet Nam

Main Pier Okinawa Where We Loaded The Ship

Near Danang

Captain's Gig

Viet Nam

Sunset, Viet Nam

The following Photos Were Taken On Liberty At The Hyper Center Nagasaki

The Following Photos Were Taken on R & R in Japan

A Bar In Sasebo, Japan

The Following Photos Were Taken In Sasebo Japan

Returning To The States, Including The Cookout

Dolphins Following The Ship


Cook Out

Bow Wake

Mike Stanley - Bill Davis - Bill Pailthorpe

LTJG Franklin and LTJG Macmanus Enertaining The Troops

Arriving Pearl Harbor

Approaching Hawaii

Entering Pearl Harbor

Bill Pailthorpe and Unknown Officer

F. R. Freeland

Mike's Operation Double Eagle PIO News Release Morenci Arizona

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