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Floyd Murray RM1
1954 - 1957

RM1 Patch


Murray, McGGuire, Eberle

Floyd Murray - Red McGuire - Carl Eberle

San Francisco Bay 1955

Brownie and Me

Dick Brown - Floyd Murray

San Diego, February 1955

Carroll, Eberle

Jim Carroll - Carl Eberle


Carl Eberle, Floyd Murray

Red McGuire - Floyd Murray

Man Your Brooms
Hold A Clean Sweepdown Fore and Aft
Swab All Decks

Harder, Purcell ?, Eberle, unk, Bussy, unk

Tom Harder - Purcell ? - Carl Eberle - unk - Bussy - unk


John A. Pace

John A. Pace lll RMSN

Catchin' some Zs between watches

Pace joined the Reunion Association last year. I found him through Classmates.com.
He spent 24 years in the Navy, and retired as a Master or Senior Chief.

Radio Shack April 1957

Floyd Murray 1957

Floyd Murray Copying Code

The Radio Room and The Radiomen

Pointing - Phoyzell Turner
Sitting - "Jakeleg" Dixon
Extreme Rear With Glasses - Monte Maxwell
Extreme Rear With Face Missing - Unknown
Front Right WithT Shirt and Face Missing - Thomas

Late 1954 or Early 1955

O Division Radiomen (The Short Timers)

O Division Radiomen (The Short Timers)

Shipman - Jim Carroll - Bud Stienhoff - Dave Posey

When Red Mcguire, Dick DeYoung, Dick Brown, and I came aboard out of Radio "B" School we were their replacements.
They were great guys, showed us around the ship, and even went on liberty with them and played golf.

April 1957

Monte Maxwell RM3

Monte passed away April 14, 2001

Okinawa 1957

Floyd Murray, Ken Gress, Carl Eberle

Three Musketeers

Floyd Murray - Ken Gress - Carl Eberle


One of two typhoons we were caught up in while I was aboard.
Picked up a "SOS" from a fishing boat off Okinawa, we seemed to be the only one to hear it.
Relayed their position to Okinawa and stayed in contact with them.
The last message I received from them was.....

" We are going down "

I was informed later that they were rescued.

Josef Schuster

Josef Schuster
Tiger Balm Gardens, Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1956

Dick Deyoung

Deyoung came aboard with me from "B" school along with Red McGuire, Dick Brown.

Yokosuka 1956

Drinking Beer Japanese Style

Ken Gress, Floyd Murray, Carl Eberle

Ken Gress - Floyd Murray - Carl Eberle

Nagoya Japan 1955

Praying At A Shinto Shrine

Praying At A Shinto Shrine

Nagoya Japan 1955

Shinto Shrine Wishing Tree

Shinto Shrine Wishing Tree

Nagoya Japan 1955

Main Street, Nagoya Japan 1955

Main Street

Nagoya Japan 1955

Japanese Funeral, Nagoya Japan 1955

Japanese Funeral

Pearl Harbor Yard Period 1956

Beach Party, Black Beach

Bud Stienhoff and Schuster's New Car

Bud Stienhoff and Schuster's New Car

Floyd Murray, Bud Stienhoff

Floyd Murray - Bud Stienhoff


Enroute Hong Kong 1957

Floyd Murray

Floyd Murray

"Someone Has To Steer This Thing"

Okinawa 1957


Ken Gress

All Hands Man Your Battle Stations

Okinawa 1957

Floyd Murray

Floyd Murray

Hawaii 1956

Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor 1956

Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor

Hawaii 1956

Stern View, Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor 1956

Stern View
Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor

Hong Kong 1957

unk - Gress - Bob Moen

unk - Ken Gress - Bob Moen

Carl Eberle

Carl Eberle
Getting Ready For Liberty

San Diego Bay 1956

Destroyer Tender

Bell - Gregory - Marshall - Allen M. Sumner

Ship nearest Tender showing stern is unknown.
Strangely, the tender does not show a number.

USS Weiss APD 135
Enroute to WestPac 1956

USS Weiss APD 135

Coming alongside to pick up mail.

Enroute to Hong Kong 1957

Floyd Murray, Bob Moen

Floyd Murray and Bob Moen, Signalman

Notice the crow's nest in the background.

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