USS Skagit AKA 105
Plank Owners
2 May 1945
Brooklyn, New York

A "plank owner" is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.

In earlier years, this applied to a first commissioning. Since then, it has often been applied to one who was part of a recommissioning crew as well.

"Plank owner" is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units.

The following list contains the names of Plank Owners who were aboard for the first anniversary.

Many of the original crew were discharged or re-assigned in December 1945 and January 1946 due to down sizing of the Navy after WWII ended.

Captain H. R. Parker
Ltjg. C. A. Cromer
Ltjg. J. H. Burch
Ltjg. J. M. Klein
Ltjg. H. H. Stickles
Ltjg. K. E. Schmutzler
Ens. P. D. Dyer
Ens. C. A. Peake, III
Ens. R. A Taylor
Ens. I. Barrett
Ens. J. J. Seidel
Zehner, M - CMC
Thorne, C. A. - EMC
Gooneville, P. L - YC
Spark, l. C. - WTC
Rushe, W. A. - MMC
Conley, E. F. - CSC
Hudson, M. F. - EMC
Anderson, R. N. - ETM1
Anderson, M. A. - Cox.
Athas, W. P. - Y2c
Barbato, R. L. - EM3c
Beadle, J. R. - S1c
Beason, M. E, - S1c
Bedillion, O. - F1c
Borns, M. A. - Cox.
Brigham, H. A. - S1c
Brown, R. F. - S1c
Buckland, R.H. - WT3c
Burns, W. V. - S1c
Calabro, L. C. - Cox.
Carlson, T. L. - S1c
Castorina, N. N. - F1c
Chaille, R. A. - Cox.
Chapman, R. E. - Cox.
Chester, H. D. - S1c
Clark, H. E. - SF3c
Corey, R. D. - S1c
Defauw, C. L. - WT2c
Demers, J. - S1c
Dixon, B. O. - Cox.
Earnheart, E. L. - BM2c
Ehinger, G. W. - S1c
Entrekin, J. F. - SSML2c
Estes, E.H. - MoMM3c
Foresi, M. - Cox.
Gagneau, G. C. - S2c
Gaines,L. W. - StM1c
Gaughan, G. R. - S2c
Geisweidt, C. H. - S1c
Goodman, J. T. - S1c
Hall, G. W. - S1c
Hanrahan, W. F. - SM3c
Hendricks, S. B. - S1c
Hoenicke, W. C. - S1c
Hoffman, M. N. - Cox.
Holcomb,T. W. - StM1c
Holman, G. - SM3c
Hudson, J. J. - SK2c
Kennedy, K. T. - Cox.
Kirkwoood, C. L. - WT3c
Klinko, P. R. - CM3c
Leidenberger, F. Cox.
Lyons, J. E. - S1c
Maines, C. W. - S1c
Martin, C. W. - S1c
Mattoon, E. J. - Cox.
Matuszyk, F. S. - Cox.
Maxey, G. G. - S1c
McCollum, D. L. - SM3c
McGaha, T. E. - SSML3c
McKeel, E. L. - S1c
McQueeen, J. W. - SK3c
Mebane, J. B. - StM1c
Medford, T. H. - SF3c
Nelson, P. - MoMM3c
Nichols, F. E. - S1c
Norman, W. E. - SK3c
Pangburn, L. - Bkr3c
Parker, C. K. - CM3c
Parks, L. S. - Cox.
Perkins, W. L. - S1c
Perry, A. M. - SF3c
Player, G. C. - S1c
Plunkett, W. G. - EM3c
Porter, R. G. - MM3c
Rainwater, A. L. - WT3c
Register, E. M. - SC3c
Rickman, A. J. - SC3c
Ridgeeway, D. W. - QM3c
Roberson, W. - Cox.
Romano, S. J. - Cox.
Sauls, H. W. - S1c
Schlossberg, L. - F1c
Smith, A. C. -SM2c
Smith, W. - St3c
Thompson, R. H. - QM2c
Underwood, R. - GM3c
Vega, O. T. - S1c
Virag, R. A. - S1c
Vogel, D.W. RM3c
Wagenaar, W. B. - MoM3c
Wallace, D. D. - S1c
Waters, Z. T.- Cox.
Watson, W. M. - MoM3c
Weber, F. N. - F1c
Weems, D. T. - EM2c
Wermeister, J. - S1c
Whitehead, C. F. - S1c
Witek, E. - S1c

More Plank Owners

These Plank Owners left Skagit prior to the first anniversary, and were not included in the above list.

Brant, Ralph G. - BM3
Brooks, J. H. - SK 2/c
Byrnes, Donald - LTJG
Crawford, Orville - LTJG
Gillespie, Vincent - SN 1/c
Griedel, William - RM
Lanning, Livingston (Libby) - SM 1/c
Munro, Gordon - BM3
Randall, Woodrow SN 1/c
Savage, William - FN 1/c
Spigler, Edward A. - YN 1/c
Stanton, Layton F. RDM1c
Stauffer, Wayne N. CM1
Urann, Norman J. YN 3/c
Yeiser, Harold D. SM

The following list was recovered from
the National Archives by Lt(jg) C. A. Cromer.

2 MAY 1945

Ship's Company
Primary Duties
Parker, H. R. Captain Commanding Officer
Peyser, R. W. Lieutenant Executive Officer
Mitchell, W. W. Lieutenant Engineering Officer
Rodgers, K. R. Lieutenant Communications Officer
Cronin, D. J. Lieutenant Medical Officer
Jones, A. L. Lieutenant Navigator
Kovacinski, B. Lieutenant Asst. Engineering Officer
Pollack,W. L. Lt(jg) Gunnery Officer
Fleming, R. E. Lt(jg) First Lieutenant
Klein, J. M. Lt(jg) Supply Officer
Cromer, C. A. Lt(jg) 4th Division Officer
Burch, J. H. Lt(jg) 5th Division Officer
Schmutzler, K. E. Lt(jg) Asst. Communications Officer
Stickles, H. H. Ensign 3rd Division Officer
Byrnes, D. H. Ensign 2nd Division Officer
Flaming, J. W. Ensign 2nd Division Jr. Officer
Taylor, R. A. Ensign 1st Division Officer
Barrett, I. Ensign Radar Officer
Seidel, J. J. Jr. Ensign CIC Officer
Ropp, W. L. MMC Chief Machinist Mate
Zehner, M. Jr. Carpenter Ship's Carpenter
Brown, W. P. Bosn Ship's Bosn
Thorne, C. A. Elect. Electrician
Hellmuth, J. G. Pay Clerk Asst. Supply Officer
Miller, D. J. Lt(jg) Boat Group Commander
Owsiak, E. A. Lt(jg) Asst. Boat Group
Crawford, O. A. Lt(jg) Asst. Boat Group
Gaskin, T. A. Ensign Boat Officer
Dabbs, C. F. Ensign Boat Officer
Hudson, O. L. Ensign Boat Officer
Dyer, P. D. Ensign Boat Officer
Sharp, J.R. Ensign Boat Officer
Clagg, J. A. Ensign Boat Officer
Berner, L. A. Ensign Boat Officer
Peake, C. A. Ensign Boat Officer

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