. Jerold Alan Shelby Sr.

Jerold Alan Shelby Sr.

Electronic Technician
Second Class

Longview, Texas

His Life

They called him Shelby in Offshore Industries, Sunbeam in 2CoolFishing & DosFrio, I called him Dong.

Jerold Alan Shelby Sr. passed away in Longview Hospital, Longview, Texas on April 14, 2020. He was born in La Fayette, Louisiana on November 24 1938. His parents are Thomas Virgil Shelby (deceased) and Jacqueline Shelby (deceased). He is survived by his wife Rulyn Bano Shelby of Livingston, Texas originally from the Philippines and his five children: Son Jerold Alan Shelby Jr. and wife Becky Shelby, son Virgil Shelby, daughter Tiffany Lynn Shelby, and daughter Shannon Diane Shelby, all of Austin, Texas, and son Scott Thomas Shelby from Thailand, three grandchildren, and his sister Sarah Shelby Lester and her husband Steve Lester of Grand Mesa, Colorado.

In 1957 he earned his high school diploma at San Angelo High School, San Angelo, Texas and was a member of their football team. He entered into The United States Navy and he graduated 1st in the class of USN class A electronic school and joined the crew of the USS Skagit AKA-105, a WW11 amphibious assault ship. After he retired from the Navy he worked with IBM in Dallas as a Computer Programmer. In 1967 he worked with RCA in Houston, Texas and was assigned to Gulf Oil in Houston and oversaw the maintenance of two 70/45's. After years of working with RCA he moved to Onalaska, Texas and built Triple Creek Marina and a convenience store called Shell-Shelby. He sold Triple Creek Marina after the economic crisis during the 70's. He then worked with Brown and Root in Houston, Texas and was assigned to Asia as a Yard Fabrication Superintendent and Offshore Superintendent in Indonesia, Batam, Labuan, and the Philippines.

Jerold Alan Shelby Sr. has spent most of his adult life in the offshore construction business. His experience spans working for engineering and construction firms in locations throughout the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, U.A.E and U.S.A

He has held supervisory and management positions with some of the largest construction and production firm in the oil industry. The following is a list that includes but is not limited to some of the more prominent projects that Jerold Shelby has led to a successful and profitable completion.

Petro Lago, Venezuela Project
Offshore Engineer Consultant 2005 - 2006
Maracaibo, Venezuela

PI-GAS/ BBDD Joint Venture, Penang, Malaysia
Project Superintendent, September 1999 - January 2000
Directional drilled and pulled a 3.8 km x 24" gas pipeline across Penang, Malaysia Harbour

Stolt_Comex_Seaway, Guangzhou , China
Barge Superintendent April 1998 - July 1998
Evaluate a 900 T Derrick Barge for Charter. Up-graded and modified the mooring system from 30T to 66T per winch. Fit-out, crew up, and mobilize to work. Design, build, ABS certify and deliver a 60 meter articulated pipe lay stinger and hitch assemble. Carried this out and conjunction with barge building

PT MOLAD/PERTIMINA, Balikpapan, . Indonesia
Project Manager & Engineer Feb 1997 - Nov. 1997
Lay 30" Crude pipe line across the very shallow portion of Balikpapan harbour.

Pipeline Equipment Consultant Feb 1994 - April 1994
Onsite design of a pipe ramp on the HD 1200 derrick barge.

Subtech Offshore U.A.E
Pipeline Equipment Consultant, offshore barge Superintendent 1992 - 1993
Design and build new pipe ramp an "SUBTEC 1" barge. Superintendent in first pipeline job in the Gulf.

SEMBAWANG SHIPYARD LTD, Singapore & Vuntao Vietnam
Design Engineer and Project Manager April 1987 - Nov 1987
Re-design and build the pipe ramp on the Russia Barge "CON SON"
Design, build, ABS certify and test a 54 meter long pipe lay stinger, write, edit, translate to Russian language and publish a 330 pages "HOW TO OFFSHORE" pipe lay manual.

IMODCO INC. Ulsan, Korea
Project Superintendent Mar 1986 - Dec 1986
Mobilized BAR "KP-1" barge from Singapore, 220 joints 36"pipe from Sarawak Malaysia and a 33" IMODCO buoy from Pusan to carry out a emergency 36" crude oil off-loading pipe line repair. Installed a second 36" pipe line and buoy to provide 100 percent back-up to repaired pipeline installation at Yukon refinery.

CONSAFE FAR EAST PTE. LTD. Singapore and Java Sea
Barge Superintendent Dec. 1983 - 1984
Converted a large submersible Cargo Barge to a 350 T Crane Barge with a pipe ramp serve as Barge Superintendent on project in java Sea for AR 11 and 11 APCO Oil Companies in Indonesia

PETRONAS - CHARIGALI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Offshore Hook Up manager June 1983 - Nov 1983
Served on Project Manager Team (PMT) for CHARIGALI TRENGANNU GAS PROJECT.

ARCO, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Senior Client Representative May 1980 - May 1983
Set up and controlled the daily operations of a fabrication yard and offshore inspection team. Three men at start over 60 in 1983. Named by ARCO as Senior Offshore Operations Superintendent 1981

BROWN & ROOT SA Indonesia, Batam, Labuan, and Philippines
Yard Fabrication Superintendent and Offshore Superintendent