Clinton Adrian Slater



Clinton Adrian Slater
San Diego California
Slater, Clinton Adrian
June 27, 1922-Aug. 27, 2007

Clinton Adrian Slater, 85, of San Diego died Aug. 27. He was born in San Antonio and was a bookkeeper for the federal government.

He was retired from the Navy and was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, having served from July 1940 to May1960 aboard USS INDIANAPOLIS CA-35, USS ALLUDRA AK-72, and from 1955-1960 USS SKAGIT AKA-105.

Survivors include his daughter, Patricia Margaret; sons, Glenn Slater and Carl Slater; sisters, Patricia and Jacqueline; brother, Johnny; eight grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Arrangements: Norvel Owens Mortuary, Flagstaff, Ariz.

C. A. Slater

A Sailors Prayer

Oh, Lord, I'm sick and tired and old and my strength is going too, But ere I leave this earthly shell, I'd like one thing from You.

You know I sailed the seven seas for thirty years or so, And I'd like to make one more patrol before I have to go.

I'd like to walk the main deck of a Navy fightin' ship, And feel the salt spray on me as the bow begins to dip.

Lord, I want to hear the throb of diesels one more time, And take my turn at standin' watch and cleanin' out the slime

And, Lord, I'd like to hear the bosun's whistle once again as he calls the crew to breakfast, or in the evening when It's time for evening movies and the starboard watch is set

I'd like to stand on topside and watch the moon upon the sea, And wonder at the beauty, and how all things came to be,

The morning comes, the sun breaks through, another awesome sight, To see the shimmer on the waves, like Your Eternal Light.

So when my cruise is over and I soar to heights unknown, And I kneel before You, Lord, as You sit on Judgement's Throne,

As You contemplate some small reward that you think applies to me, Just assign me to Your fastest ship on Your Eternal Sea.

Bob Harrison March 12, 1998