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"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile ..... can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction,
'I served in the United States Navy'."

President John F. Kennedy
1963, Annapolis, MD

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2004 - 2005

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James W. Harless (SHC) USN Retired

E-Mail: jharless@cox.net
Dept./Div. S3

I would like to thank Mike for making this web page available for all us old Skagit sailors and those who had made the Skagit what it was, and is.
Looking forward to many happy times going over the site and finding all our old shipmates that we can.

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John (Bill) Ward (EM3)

E-Mail: billndward@arkansas.net
Onboard: 1952-1954
Dept./Div. E

Really enjoying the Skagit site..The pictures are great...

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Don Byrnes (LTJG)

E-Mail BYRNESDon@msn.com
Onboard: 1945-1946 (Plank Owner)
Dept/Div. 2nd

This was a very special ship which was assigned special duties not accorded to her sister ships in the same group. It was no accident that the Skagit was sent to France, the occupation of North China and finally specially detached to be on hand in Tokyo Bay in time for the signing on the Missouri. I believe I am correct when I say that we were the 1st ship to make fast to the dock in Japan when the troops were landed.We had friends in high places.

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Darrell Daugherty (BMC) USCG Retired

E-Mail: darrell.l.daugherty@worldnet.att.net
Onboard: 1951-1955
Dept./Div. Boat
Rate/Rank: BMSN

This is a great site, God bless you guys for
the work you did to bring us together.

Hello Gang,
Hope all is secure about the ship.
Darrell Daugherty
Updated E-Mail address 10/29/2002

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Michael B. Kraft (LTJG)

E-Mail: mbkraft@mindspring.com
Onboard: 1957-1960
Dept./Div. CIC

Great to have this web site.

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James A. Phillips (HM1) USN Retired

E-Mail: mitzie46@hotmail.com
Onboard: 1961-1962
Dept./Div. M

Was on the crew that helped recommission 5 AKAs.
Skagit and Uvalde, were tied side by side in San Diego. I was transferred to the Uvalde AKA 88 in 1962. We brought the ship to Norfolk via the Panama canal.
I retired in 1975 after 20 years.

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Clark Leonard (LT) USMC

E-Mail: cmleonard1@cox.net
Dept./Div. 1st

Another shipmate checking in.

Click The Logo For The Marine Corps Hymn

Semper Fi
Click Here

New E-mail address.

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Floyd D. Murray (RM1)

E-Mail: floydm8766@aol.com
Onboard: Dec. 1954 - Dec. 1957
Dept./Div. Operations
Rate/Rank: RM 1

Went aboard out of "B" school as a Seaman Deuce. Stayed aboard my whole enlistment and left as RM1. Loved the job in communications. Knew everything that was going on. Should have made it a career.

Updated 11/27/2002

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Vernon H. Drewa (RM1) USN Retired

E-Mail: Vernon@Drewa.Com
Onboard: March 1952 - October 1952
Dept./Div. Operations/Communications
Rate/Rank: RM 1

Ordered back from Korea to Cryptographic program at Vallejo, Calif. RM in Charge of Communications Division while on board.
Remained in service, advancing to E9, retiring as LCDR in 1967 with Defense Atomic Support Agency at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
You have done a great job with this site.
Thanks from those of us who served aboard the Skagit. I would like to locate George Meeks, Communications Gang, and others who I served with.

Original Post 7/13/2001
Updated 11/30/2002

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Richard T. Boone (SC3/C)

E-Mail: KF6GZF@aol.com
Dept/Div: S

Thanks for the newsletter, hope to have contact with my shipmates soon.

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Danny L. Clanton (YN2) USN Retired

E-Mail: dolardan@primary.net
Onboard: Dec. '67 - May '68
Dept./Div. F

Lots of fun in my short stay on a gator-freighter....would like to hear from former shipmates...I retired as a YNCM in 1987...Now living just outside of St. Louis, MO. in S.W. Illinois...

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Dave Wallace (ENS)

E-Mail: eg65@mindspring.com
Onboard: Nov. '68 to July "69 (Decommishining)
Dept./Div. CIC

CMDR. Graf took me under his wing and made me study under a wonderful warrant officer named "Chips" before he would turn me loose on the crew.
Best experience in leadership I ever had.
Later sold my TR-3 to CMDR. Graf and saw him in Washington, D.C. after my in-country tour.

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Michael J. Rubel (LTJG)

E-Mail: mrubel@qwest.net
Onboard: 1/5/64 to 8/25/65
Dept./Div. Asst. Supply Officer

Went to AO-22, USS CIMMARON as Supply Officer, then to Submarine School, and USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER, SSBN 656
I currently live in Seattle.

Posted 6/11/2001
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John E. Ahern (BM3)

E-Mail: bahern@wallindustries.com
Onboard: 1950-1954
Dept./Div. Boat Shop

In memory of my dad, who served on the USS Skagit during the Korean War. He passed away Dec 16, 1986.


Posted 6/15/2001
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Joeseph A. Toth (MM3)

E-Mail: jatoth33@hotmail.com
Onboard: Feb. 1956 to Sept. 1957
Dept./Div. M

This web page is yet another fantastic addition toour already great organization. Thanks Mike for what you've done so farand keep up the good work!

Posted 6/15/2001
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John T. Stebbins (SKC)

E-Mail: cdjtstebbins@cox.net
Onboard: 1953 to 1957
Dept./Div. S-1 Supply

Reported aboard the Skagit in Jan '53 as a young seaman 2nd and was assigned to 1st Divison, and later assigned as a Storekeeper Striker. Made SK3. Departed the ship in May '57 for discharge. Re-enlisted in July '57 and retired in Dec '78. I think this is a great site that all the Skagit sailors can enjoy, and where we can come together again.

Posted 6/15/2001
Updated 3/17/2002 (New E-mail Address)
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William R. Sherlock (BM1) USN Ret.

E-Mail: sherlock1965@yahoo.com
Onboard: 16 Feb.1964 to 29 Dec.1964
Dept./Div. 3rd

My Dad was in the Deck Dept. as an Assult Boat Cox'n, and was aboard for the WesPac cruise in 1964. He was aboard TAD because the skagit was shorthanded on coxswains. He was only aboard till the completion of the WesPac cruise.The Executive Officer tried to pull his orders to keep him onboard, but it didn't happen.
He left to go to Assault Craft Division 13 at the Phib Base, Coronado California.
He became Craftmaster of an LCU, and deployed to Vietnam where he would run into the Skagit over there.
My Dad retired in 1972 after 25 years of service as a BMCS and now lives in Mississippi. He doesn't do computers so I'm sending this information for him.
I am currently in the Seabees deployed to NAS Fallon Nevada.
Great site, thanks.
John Sherlock CM2 USN

Posted 7/03/2001
Updated 10/8/2001
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Jerry Manley (BMSA)

E-Mail: emaleman@attbi.com
Onboard: 1953-1956
Dept./Div. 2nd

Boatswain Mate forever!
3rd Class twice, 2nd Class once, and re-reached Seaman Apprentice again just before discharge. A good ship and a great time and crew. Went everywhere the Pacific Ocean touched, and often wonder what happened to Bill Foster, Norman Van Zandt, Curtis Maness, Don Crews, Phil Snow and all the other wild and crazy people. Loved the ports and the sea and the people. Let's do it again.

Posted 7/11/2001
New E-Mail 9/30/2002
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Edward A. Davis (CWO/4) USN Ret.

E-Mail: BigEdd11@aol.com
Onboard: 1959 to May 1960
Div. R

Was transfered to New Orleans, Louisiana for retirement. I now live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I enjoyed my tour of duty on the Skagit. Was in the Engineering Department as the R Div. Division Officer.
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Robert G.Nicol (Capt.) USN Ret.

E-Mail: captbobnicol@home.com
Onboard: July, 1950 to March, 1951
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: Ensign

Posted 7/20/2001
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Tom Herbert (LTJG)

E-Mail: thomas.herbert@mcguire.af.mil
Onboard: 1964 - 1966
Dept./Div. E (Gunnery)

Have attended a few reunions, would like to see more guys from the sixties.

Posted 7/31/2001
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Albert J. Gomez (MM 2)

E-Mail: stang65@arn.net
Onboard: 1950 - 1954
Dept./Div. M

Posted 8/4/2001
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Web Master Mug's Place (Mugs)

E-Mail mugsseniornavy@hotmail.com

Outstanding web site, very professional looking, job well done ShipMate !!!!

Posted 8/5/2001
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Peter M. Turrini (EN 2)

E-Mail: petemt31@yahoo.com
Onboard: May 1951 - June 1954
Dept./Div. 3rd (Boat)

Would like to hear from shipmates.

Posted 8/14/2001
Updated 12/09/2001
Updated 03/11/2002 (New E-mail Address)
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Philip Pisculli (MM1)

E-Mail: tpisculli@sboinc.com
Onboard: 1953-1957
Dept./Div. M

This post is in honor of my Dad, who served as a Machinists Mate aboard the USS Skagit during Korea. He passed away in September of 2000. He was the greatest...
Tony Pisculli


Posted 8/28/2001
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John Rowlett (BT3)

E-Mail: jjrowlett@aol.com
Onboard: 1951-1952

I'm posting this in honor of my Dad who served aboard the USS Skagit 1951-1952.
I followed in his footsteps by joining the Navy myself in 1979 but I went the Patrol Squadron route.
My Dad is doing great and I'm sure he'd love to hear from anyone who served with him.
You can also reach me at-----
Cindy Rowlett Tolle

Posted 9/15/2001
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John E. Luttrell (MM2)

E-Mail: luttrell1@mindspring.com
Onboard: 1961-1965
Dept./Div. M

The Skagit holds some special memories, and it's good to have been part of a great ship's history.

Posted 9/27/2001
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Ken Hurt (EN)

E-Mail: kenp68c@mediaone.net
Onboard: 1948-1949
Dept./Div. Engineering

Would like to locate anyone who served aboard the ship on the polar expedition to Point Barrow Alaska, Pribilof Islands, seal harvesting cruise and the trip back to Seattle.

Posted 9/29/2001
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Ken Ratz (HM2)

E-Mail: zenon@ilink.com
Dept./Div. Medical

Great seeing Jim Harless after all these years. I ran into Miller who was a cook on the Skagit around 1953 when I was at Sub School.
Much later I interrupted two guys trying to figure out when they knew each other, I told them we were all on the Skagit together. This happened in Daytona Beach. We all went to lunch and reminisced.

Great job you are doing, thought often about all my Skagit experiences, even had the good fortune to go back aboard about 1973 while on training duty. Skagit was in the reserve fleet at Vallejo California.

Posted 10/31/2001
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Clark L. Goddard (MM2)

E-Mail: Ghoztie@aol.com
Onboard: 1962-1965
Dept./Div. M Division

I'm proud to have served on the Skagit and found this website by accident.
Red---good to see you again, will E-mail you.
Does anyone have a shoulder patch from her they would part with?
Four WESTPAC cruises and I'd go again tomorrow.

Posted 11/04/2001
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W. E. "Windy" Wysong (MMC) USNR Ret.

E-Mail: CPOWINDY@aol.com
Onboard: 1950 to Feb. 1952
Dept./Div. A
Rate MMR3

Been getting the Skagit Log for some time now and just recently went on line.
Would like to hear from former ship mates.
I got out in 1952 and in 1976 joined the SeaBee Reserves, and retired after 14 years as a MM Chief.

Posted 11/13/2001
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Glenn J. Bergeron (PC3)

E-Mail: glenn1796@earthlink.net
Onboard: 1965 to 1967
Dept./Div. X

Thanks for the great Web site, although I wanted Tin Can duty, I came to love the Amphib Navy and was proud to have served aboard the Skagit. It was an experience I wouldn't of missed for the world.

Posted 11/13/2001
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Joseph R. Milner (SKCM) USN Ret.

E-Mail: joenmarge@midamer.net
Onboard: Feb. 1955 to Sept. 1956
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: SK1

Outstanding website Mike. Enjoyed my tour on the Skagit, also have been to some very enjoyable reunions. Can't thank George and Trudy Rateike enough for all that they have done over the years to make the reunions a tremendous success.

Posted 11/17/2001
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Dwaine Risenhoover (BM2)

E-Mail: dwainer@inreach.com
Onboard: 1953 to 1954
Dept./Div. 1st

This is an interesting and informative web site which should prove to be a valuable asset to the USS Skagit AKA 105 Reunion Association.
Great job Mike.

Posted 11/17/2001
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John Jenso (IC2)

E-Mail: jjenso@coxnc.rr.com
Onboard: 1951 to 1954
Dept./Div. E

Great Site and a Great Ship.
Had lots of fun and many good memories on the Skagit.

Posted 11/17/2001
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William J. Anderson (FN)

E-Mail gande@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Onboard: 1963 to 1966
Dept./Div. 3rd and M

I have been going to the Skagit reunions. This year we cancelled the day before. Hope to make the one in Buffalo.
Thanks for the great web site!

Posted 11/17/2001
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Charles Buckley (MM2)

E-Mail: CBBudMan@aol.com
Onboard: April 12, 1962 - September 14, 1962
Dept./Div. M

I served aboard ship for a few months while in San Diego and was near the end of the Wespac cruise when I was transferred to Mare Island Naval Base to begin training at the nuclear power school.
We were in Yokosuka, Japan at that time and right after I left, the ship went into drydock there to replace the propulsion shaft packing seals.
A year later, I was assigned to the USS Bainbridge DLG {N} 25.

Posted 11/25/2001
Updated 12/04/2001
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John C. Speelman (RMCS-SW) USN Ret.

E-Mail: rmcs1@eohio.net
Onboard: 1965-1967
Dept./Div. Communications
Rate: RM3

I retired as RMCS(SW) USN(Ret.) with 24 years in the Navy and having served on USS Hamner DD-718, COMDESRON 7 Staff aboard the USS Buck and USS Halsey, USS Skagit AKA 105, NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Northern Ireland, USS Gurke DD-783, CTF 78 Staff aboard USS New Orleans and USS Tripoli, NAVRADTRANSFAC Tarlac Philippines, NAVRESCEN Long Beach CA, USS LaSalle AGF3, USS Butte AE-27, and NAVWPNSTA Earle Colts Neck NJ.
I am proud of my time in the Navy and even though I have been out for 15 years I still miss it.
I have visited all my old ships web sites and I am collecting photos and information on all of them.

Posted 11/28/2001
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