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"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile ..... can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction,
'I served in the United States Navy'."

President John F. Kennedy
1963, Annapolis, MD

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Dustin Bills (ENFN)

E-Mail: USSskagatvet1962@aol.com
Onboard: 1959 to 1962
Dept./Div. A

My Daughter-In-Law's Father came across this web site. He was in the Navy and knew I had served aboard the Skagit. It would be a lot of fun to be able to participate in one of the reunions and see if I could recognize anyone I served with. I have thought of those Navy years many times and it is good to talk to someone who knows what I am feeling. I really miss seeing the ocean and going to sea. I was assigned to LCM 6 and remember a lot of guys from 3rd Division. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and have since I came home from the service in November of '62.
I have been retired since March of last year. I hope to hear from Frank L. Nudo, and more of my former shipmates.

Posted 2/02/2002
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Rolland G. Turcotte (ET2)

E-Mail: rollandrgt@aol.com
Onnboard: Nov 5,1953 till Aug 1956
Dept./Div. Electronics

Happy to be aboard.
Enjoyed the site each time I logged on.

Posted 02/24/2002
Updated 03/18/2002
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Michael Hrapek (SM3)

E-Mail: mmhrapek@stargate.net
Onboard: 1967-1968
Dept./Div. Signal

Posted 02/28/2002
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Gardner "Buzz" Byler (GM2)

E-Mail: g.byler@att.net
Onboard: 1950-1951
Dept./Div. 2nd - Ord.

Been a long time.-------
I am on the mailing list, and attended the first 5 reunions. My old WWII Destroyer started having reunions, and I sorta dropped the 105.
Nice web site.

Posted 03/03/2002
Updated 10/02/2002
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Francis A. Conti, (LCDR) USN (RET.)

E-Mail: Subnavy@earthlink.net
Onboard: Oct.-1956 to June-1958
Dept./Div. Operations-Communications
Rank: LTJG

Am looking forward to investigating everything on this site. Also am looking forward to meeting shipmates at the 2002 reunion.
My second visit to site and I can see the improvements that have been made. It's great.
Note my new email address.

Posted 03/26/2002
Updated 09/03/2002
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David W. Storms (SN)

Onboard: Aug. 1964 - Oct. 1968
Dept./Div. Supply

The time I spent onboard was a time I will never forget. All the different ports of call, and all the friends I made while onboard.
Good luck to all----
David W. Storm

Posted 03/30/2002
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Henry "Brad" Downs (RM1)

E-Mail: hbd@suscom.net
Onboard: March, 1963 thru early 1965
Dept./Div. Operations

Loved every minute.

Posted 04/05/2002
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Edgar H. Vertrees (SN)

E-Mail: Contact Web Master
Onboard: 1965-1966
Dept./Div. Boat
Rate/Rank: SN

My brother Edgar H. Vertrees served on the USS Skagit during the Vietnam war. Graduated from boot camp San Diego, California in 1965. Aboard USS Skagit then was aboard USS Renville.
Edgar passed away November 22, 1985
MaryAnn Vertrees Ogden

Posted 04/12/2002
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Kenneth H. Oliver (EN2)

E-Mail: Koliver7430@aol.com
Onboard: 1953 - 1954
Dept./Div. Boat Division

Posted 04/13/2002
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Joseph F. Pearson RMC USN Ret.

E-Mail: joepearsoncporet@yahoo.co.uk
Onboard: 1946 - 1948
Dept./Div. Operations / Communications
Rate/Rank: RM1

On board during the Korean Conflict and operations in China to Tsingtao and Guam.

Posted 04/14/2002
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Rick Fabano (RD3)

E-Mail: cecylrick@webtv.net
Onboard: Sept. '66 - June '69
Dept./Div. C.I.C.

Posted 04/18/2002
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James L. "Stu" Stuart (MMC) USN Ret.

E-Mail: stufarm@mcn.org
Onboard: Sept. 1961 - Aug. 1964
Dept./Div. Engineering "A" Division
Rate/Rank: MM3

I was in Lower A Div, I took care of the refrigeration plant,drinking fountains, Ice machines etc. Also ran the evaporators in the engine room.
I retired in 1978 after 21 years of service.

Posted 04/24/2002
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Robert H. Buckland (WTC)

E-Mail: buckland2@bright.net
Onboard: Mar. 17 1945 to July 8 1946 (Plank Owner)
Dept./Div. Engineering
Rate/Rank: WT 3

Posted 05/05/2002
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Gary Albert Cameron III (SN)

Onboard: 1958 - 1961
Dept./Div. 3rd
Rate/Rank: SN

Posted 05/06/2002
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Bruce S. Klanke (FTG3)

E-Mail: oidarhill@hotmail.com
Onboard: 1964 - 1965
Dept./Div. 4 th
Rate/Rank: FT

Posted 05/06/2002
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Gerald Minion (LTJG)

E-Mail: dotandbud@mymailstation.com
Onboard: Sept. 1947 - June 1949
Rate/Rank: LTJG

When I went aboard I became 4th Division Officer. Boarded her in Guam & immediately went to Tsingtao China to get a load of men returning to US for discharge, plus a deck load of 105 long tons of defunct mortar ammo we dumped overboard beyond 100 fathom mark.
Participated in BAREX 48 plus cold weather landings at Kodiak in Jan. 49. Decommissioned ship June that year.
I later became Ship's Secretary & Asst. Communications Officer as well as Communications Division Officer.
Here is some information for the Captains List on the web site.
1947, Allen, Robert Captain USN
the XO was Daly LCDR.
He was relieved by Robertson CDR. (A former Lighter than air pilot)
Supply Officer: LT. Joe Morgan
Chief Engineer: LT. Voight
First Lt. LT. Smith
Chief Bos'n. Lovejoy
Be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me. Mind hazy about the rest. More later if I think of them.
Smooth Sailing,
Gerald Minion

Posted 05/11/2002
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Fred L. Weber (F 1/C)

E-Mail: Contact Web Master
Onboard: 1945 - 1946 (Plank Owner)
Dept./Div. Engineering
Rate/Rank: F 1/C

I was onboard during the WW II. I served duty mainly in Subic Bay the phillipines. Would love to here from anyone who served with me.

Posted 05/14/2002
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Robert L. Hudson (BM3)

E-Mail: Nonnie@cableone.net
Onboard: 1962 - 1965
Dept./Div. First and Third Division
Rate/Rank = BM3

Posted 05/15/2002
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W. E. " Bill" Darling (LCDR) USN Ret.

E-Mail: cdarling6@juno.com
Onboard: Jan. '65 - Nov. '66
Dept./Div. Navigation
Rate/Rank: LT.

Good ship - Good crew - Good memories.
Spent most of my commishioned years in the GATOR NAVY, and MSTS.
Retired as a LCDR in the center of Florida.
Have you ever tried to explain the GATOR NAVY to a civilian?

Posted 05/20/2002
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Al Petersen (RD2)

E-Mail: apete@netins.net
Onboard: June 1959 - January 1960
Dept./Div. OI
Rate: RD 2 (OI Div. PO)

Enjoyed the HOME PAGE, also have heard from LTJG Mike Kraft who was the CIC officer at that time, would be great to hear from others who might have known me. I'll respond.

Posted 06/23/2002
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Ray & Norma McFall (TE 2)

Onboard: 1950 - 1953
Dept./Div O
Rate: TE2

Posted 07/08/2002
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Donald A Perko (EN 2)

E-Mail: buzz_perko@hotmail.com
Onboard: December, 1954 to June, 1958
Dept./Div. A (Boats)
Rate/Rank: EN 2

I found old friends with this site.

Posted 07/26/2002
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Johnnie D. Cox (MM 2)

E-Mail: johnmargene@msn.com
Onboard: August 26, 1950 to March 15, 1954
Dept./Div. " M " Division
Rate/Rank: MM 2

I went aboard the day the Skagit was reactivated and served on it until I went to the Destroyer base in San Diego for discharge

Posted 07/30/2002
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Andrew Sales (RD 2)

E-Mail: sales@maficstudios.com
Onboard: June 1958 - January 1959
Dept./Div. OI
Rate/Rank: RD 2 (OI Div. PO)

Very good site!

Posted 08/12/2002
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John F. Nunn "Jack" (LTjg.)

E-Mail: johnfnunn@msn.com
Onboard: June 1960 to June 1962
Dept./Div. 4th Division Officer
Rate/Rank: LTjg

I just recently found this Skagit Website and as I have browsed through all of the interesting photos, scrapbooks, etc. I must say nostalgia overwhelms me. My time aboard the Skagit was just two brief years June 1960 -1962, but how important they were for me and what fond memories I have of those 24 months: Peace-time Navy; WestPac cruise; Hong kong Station Ship for nearly a month; the Pribiloff Islands resupply run on a temporary assignment to the MSTS and a return ship full of seal products; and three months overhaul in San Francisco. It is hard to beat that kind of duty! I certainly would enjoy hearing from former shipmates.

Posted 08/23/2002
Updated 08/30/2002
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Robert Hansberry (RD 2)

E-Mail: aaacres@charter.net
Onboard: 1954-1955
Dept./Div. Operations
Rate/Rank: Radarman 2nd Class (RD 2)

The second best ship I ever sailed on. The USS Cavalier (APA-37) was the best. However the Skagit was so close, it was hard to tell the difference.

Posted 09/15/2002
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Bob Reeves (CSC) USN Ret.

E-Mail: bobn2robert@aol.com
Onboard: 1962 and 1963
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: CS 2

Would love to hear from any crew member who might remember this old sea dog.
Bob Reeves CSC Ret.

Posted 09/20/2002
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James M. Berry (ME 2)

E-Mail: Paberry@infi.net
Onboard: 1951-1952
Dept./Div. R
Rate/Rank: ME 2

The reunion in Buffalo was great, and I hope to see everyone in Mississippi.

Posted 09/20/2002
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Robert Harrison (SH 2)

E-Mail: Roberth3rd@aol.com
Onboard: 1951-1954
Dept./Div. Ship Service
Rate/Rank: SH 2

It was great duty with many wonderful shipmates. This is a site to make us all proud.

Posted 10/15/2002
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Michael J. Ireland (RM 3)

E-Mail: mikeireland2@aol.com
Onboard: 1964 thru Aug 1966 (Approx.)
Dept./Div. Radio
Rate/Rank: RM 3

Posted 10/16/2002
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Kerry R. Collins (EN 3)

Onboard: 1960-1963
Dept./Div. A - DIVISION
Rate/Rank: EN 3

Posted 11/08/2002
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William "Bill" C. Kelley, Jr. (HM2)

E-Mail: kelceo@yahoo.com
Onboard: 1956-1957
Rate/Rank: HM2
What a wonderful Web site. Thanks so much for the memories. We had a great crew on our tour through the Pacific.

Posted 11/17/2002
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Robert B. Stagg (Captain) USNR Ret.

E-Mail: rstagg4@cox.net
Onboard: 1958-1959
Dept./Div. A Div. Officer
Rate/Rank: ENS, USNR

Great to find this site and see a few familiar names like Clark Leonard and Mike Kraft. Stayed in the Reserve for 30 years and retired as 06 with 1635 designator. Reside in San Diego.

Posted 11/26/2002
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James Kennel (MM 1)

E-Mail: JmKnnl@aol.com
Onboard: Jan. 1954 - Apr. 1957
Dept./Div. M Division
Rate/Rank: FA to MM 1/c

Posted 11/29/2002
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Nicholas Apugliese (RM 3)

E-Mail: na314@msn.com
Onboard: 1963 - 1965
Dept./Div. Communications
Rate/Rank: Radioman 3rd Class

Posted 11/29/2002
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Dwayne A. Love (GM 2)

E-Mail: dwayne.love@fluor.com
Onboard: 1966 to 1967
Dept./Div. Gunnery
Rate/Rank: GM 3 /GM 2

I enjoyed my time aboard and miss all my shipmates . Hope all are doing great. We had a good crew.
While aboard we went to Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Japan, and Viet Nam.
My next duty station was as a security guard in Da Nang,
Super site.

Posted 12/02/2002
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Gary J. Hingley (QM 3)

E-Mail: ghingle@aol.com
Onboard: 1953 - 1955
Dept./Div. Operations
Rate/Rank: QM 3

A first class job on creating the USS Skagit web site.

Posted 12/03/2002
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Lloyd Adams (DC 2)

E-Mail: LloydAdams152@aol.com
Onboard: 1966 - 1968
Dept./Div. R
Rate/Rank: DC2

I finally got a computer that works, or I should say my computer has someone that can use it. (Ha)
Remember 2004 San Antonio Texas!
More to come once I learn how to use this thing.
You all have a good Christmas.

Posted 12/05/2002
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William Wendling (ATC) USN Ret.

Onboard: Dec.1948 to June 1949
Dept./Div. R Division
Rate/Rank = EN 3

I helped decommission the Skagit (March '49 to June '49)
She was Decommissoned at Mare Island California.
I stayed at Mare Island in Sub Group #2, Reserve Fleet, until my discharge from the NAVY in April 1950.
When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, I returned to service.
I retired on 30 July 1970 as Chief Aviation Electronics Technician E-7.
My last duty was Aircraft Maintenance Department, NATC Patuxent River,Maryland.

Posted 12/06/2002
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David L. Downer (RMC) USCG Ret.

E-Mail dldowner@farmerstel.com
Onboard: Feb. 1958 --- Dec. 1962
Dept./Div. Operations-Radio
Rate/Rank: RMSA to RM1

Great job Mike on the web site. I have many memories, mostly good, from my years on the Skagit. There are several things I would do different if I could go back but all in all it was a great experience. I crossed decks to the United States Coast Guard in 1967 and retired as RMC in 1977.

Posted 12/28/2002
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The Following Are
Visitor Posts
Other Than Crew

Jerry D. Guhde (RMC) Ret.

USN  Nov.1965 thru July 1988

Posted 02/26/2002
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Carl R. Friberg Jr. "Carlos"  USMM Ret.

E-Mail: slowbell@cfl.rr.com

Okay Mike...I just went over your whole site...really nice job. It sure brought back memories of my USS Arneb AKA 56 days. NHHH was her call letters, and phonetic call was SNOWBALL UNCLE. We sailed in Transport Division 21, and I still remember the ships, and their calls. I should write some more stories of those days...there are a few in my site, but many there aren't. If I had only saved my emails to guys...there most of my stories about the Arneb went...never thought of saving them, but didn't have the home pages then either. I put thirty-seven years at sea...never had a shore job, and have been retired now since Feb of '88.
Boy...if we only had computers, and digital cameras back fifty years ago...what a web site it would have been now. Thanks for the contact. Let's stay in touch.
Take it on a slowbell...like we say.
Note: Check out Carl's site on the Links page.

Posted 02/26/202
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Jay W. Milliken (MMFN)

E-Mail: milliken@sover.net
USN  1950-1952

Nice site.
Please visit mine----
USS Rooks DD 804

Posted 02/26/2002
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Rick Christie Sr. (EM3)

E-Mail: beenie94501@yahoo.com
USN Nov 1961 - Mar 1966.
 I was a mine sweep sailor for my tour in the Navy. I wouldn't trade a second of that time for any other experience I have had. Except maybe the thrill of seeing my son for the first time. Those days out at sea will stay with me forever.
Please check out my web site----


Posted 02/26/2002
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Clint M. Smiley (MSCM)

E-Mail: c_m_smiley@sar.med.navy.mil
USN 1977 - Present
Division: S-2
 I am currently stationed at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. I have until January 2005. That will give me 28. I am going to retire then. I know I will miss the NAVY.
  Additional things I will miss about being at sea. Watching the sun rise in the Atlantic, the sun set in the Pacfic, standing on the fantail watching the prop-wash reflecting on that days events, getting my mind straight for tomorrow's events, and day dreaming about home.

Posted 03/07/2002
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Mike Vega

E-Mail: michaelallenvega@aol.com

Excellent site.

Posted 03/17/2002
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Gianluca OTTONELLO (Ensign)

E-Mail: gianlucaottonello@hotmail.com

Served aboard Nave Garibaldi STOVL 551 (Italian Navy) from 1995 to 1997.
Starting from the USS Pennsylvania web site, I arrived to you....God Bless my American comrades.

To vist the Garibaldi STOVL 551 web site
(translated version)

Posted 03/19/2002
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Bob Brown

E-Mail: bob@vetshome.com

Enjoying your site again. Great work.


Posted 03/22/2002
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Drew Beever SrA USAF

E-Mail: vallorian1@yahoo.com

This is my father-in-law's site. Hopefully he forgives me for being in the Air Force, but if not, oh well. Nice site Mike. It's made really well.

Posted 04/26/2002
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Tammy S. Beever SGT(P) USA

E-Mail: tammy3726@hotmail.com

This is my Dad's site. And I hope he forgives me for joining the Army instead of the Navy. Great site Dad.

Posted 04/26/2002
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John A. Lorelli

I am honored that you chose to use a quote from "To Foreign Shores" as your lead-in.
Best Wishes
John Lorelli

Posted 05/01/2002
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Ed Fink (BM2)

E-Mail: EMochamannII@AOL.com
Navy Support Activity, DaNang (NAVSUPAC)
1966 - 1967

Participated in "Operation Double Eagle", January 66, Vietnam. Skagit was steaming with Montrose, Elkhorn and other Gator Ships south of Chu Lai. We were running the small patrol vessels first three days of operation then headed back to DaNang. Your Web Site is great. Thanks for having me aboard. Good luck to all our "Gator Brothers". We have more salt in our socks, than most sailors have in their sea bag!
Ed Fink, BM2

Posted 05/01/2002
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Doug K. Barnett (USN Active)

E-Mail: 83932100@CNRC.NAVY.MIL

I was not attached to this fine NAVY ship, but I was talking with a daughter of one of the gentleman that was on the ship, and would just like to pay my respects to all that spent time aboard this great naval ship.
Again, thanks for all that you fellow shipmates did for us.

Posted 06/30/2002
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Ted Heumann (SN 1/C)

E-Mail: sskenmar@aol.com

I served in the US Navy Armed Guard aboard the following ships------
SS Kenmar 1944 - 1945
USS Franklin (CV-13) 1945 - 1946
Visit Ted's web page at---
Ted Heumann

Posted 07/09/2002
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I am the historian for the USS Curtiss AV 4, and served in the NAVY from 1951 to 1955.
I just stopped by to say you have a great site and hope you will come and visit ours.


I also have a personal web site with some Navy information, come by for a visit.


Have a great day.
Bud Norris

Posted 07/18/2002
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C. W. "Bill" Holeman (LTJG) USN RET.

E-Mail: cwhi@mindspring.com
USN 19 years, 10 months, and 7 days

I spent 8 plus years assigned to the USS Curtiss Oct '47 to May '56. And my last sea duty was the USS Kitty Hawk, where I was the Electronics Officer for the first year, until my Warrant made LT. and took over the Task.
I'm a Plank Owner for the Kitty Hawk.
I left Active Duty 30 June '65.
Thanks for the Web Site. I'll visit it a lot, come winter, and the Golf courses close.
Bill Holeman

Posted 07/20/2002
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Eugenio F. Rodriguez

E-Mail: eugenior@aol.com

I was a Marine that took part in Operation Double Eagle.
Thank you for the poem.
Thank you for the support.

Posted 07/23/2002
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Charlie Taliaferro

E-mail: charles@kitchentablegang.org

You have created a great website.


Posted 08/01/2002
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Mark Evdemon

E-Mail: markevdemon@webtv.net

Interesting site Mike. I was on "Tin Cans", USS Beale and USS Brough, (58-61, RM2). Went to Boot camp at Great Lakes and RM school in Bainbridge. Enjoy surfing Military / History sites, especially Navy.

Posted 08/31/2002
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The Radioman

E-Mail: PBYGuy-@WebTV.Net

A snappy hand salute from an Airdale for a job well done. Nice layout, and very interesting.

Posted 09/24/2002
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Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC(SEAL) Ret.

E-Mail: elticitl@mi-vida-loca.com

You have given us a 4.0 web site.
I wish my organizations could be listed on your links page.

The Fraternal Order of the UWSS Key West FL.

The ASR_ARS Association Web Site

Sincerely, Thank you very much,
Doc Riojas, The 2nd best Corpsman in the USN.

Posted 11/05/2002
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Herring, Johnny W. (BMSN)

E-Mail: oldranger56@aol.com
Onboard: USS Winston AKA 94
Dept./Div. 3rd division (Mike 8)
Rate/Rank: BMSN

Proud to have been on location with Skagit back in the bad old days of the 60's in Nam. God Bless all american fighting men and women. Please don't forget the Winston and the work that her crew did in and out of combat duty.

Posted 11/17/2002

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