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"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile ..... can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction,
'I served in the United States Navy'."

President John F. Kennedy
1963, Annapolis, MD

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Woodrow Randall

Onboard: 1944-1945
Dept./Div. S Division ( Laundry )

Woodrow Randall is my Grandfather.
He passed away in Aug. 1995.
I would like to hear from anyone who knew him,
[ stories or just memories ]

E-Mail: mv1985@yahoo.com

Posted: 12/27/2003
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Ronald Cole (SN)

E-Mail: hjbus20@yahoo.com
Onboard: Feb. 1967 to Sept. 1969
Dept./Div. 1st Division, Boat Group, Ship's Service
Rate/Rank: E3

Posted: 12/25/2003
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Harold Dean Yeiser Sr. (SM)

E-Mail: JGYeiser28@msn.com
Onboard: 1945 - 1946
Dept./Div. O
Rate/Rank: SM

Plank Owner

Posted: 12/14/2003
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Pete Bertram (SM)

E-Mail: linelevel29@hotmail.com

I was on the USS Union AKA 106, early 1946 through 1949 as a signalman. I remember well the many miles we traveled with the 105.
The trip to Point Barrow in 1948, the Micowex excersises, amphib war games, etc.
Glad I came across your web site as it brings back memories of my naval service.
During the Korean War, I was on the Uss Mountrail APA 213.
You have an excellent site, one you can be proud of.

Posted: 12/12/2003
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Alan Rice (SN)

E-Mail: arr80@columbia.edu
Onboard: 1956-1957
Dept./Div. 3rd
Rate/Rank: SN

I grew up on the Skagit.

Posted: 12/06/2003
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Lyle W Holman (MTC) USN Ret.

E-Mail: shadyacres@lowcountry.com
Onboard: Sept. 1954 to Dec 1954
Dept./Div. Deck
Rate/Rank: BM2

I was transfered from the USS Estes AGC12 as my enlistment was at its end.
I shipped over in San Diego and stayed in the Navy until 1968 and retired with over 20 as a MTC.
I converted to Missile Tech, in 1957.

Posted: 12/05/2003
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Robert J. Hill (MM2)


I was not on the Skagit, but I did serve on the USS Seminole AKA 104 from 1955-1959 as a MM2, yes I know, a "Snipe".
I only wish Seminole had a web site as good as this, but it doesn't even have a photo of her.
Thank you for the photos of her sister ship AKA105.
It sure did bring back memories of good times.
I liked the engine room picture, as it looked the same as Seminoles' did.
Thanks !!!!

Posted: 11/25/2003
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John M. Schafer (CS3)

Onboard: 1963 - 1966
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: CS3

My first ship in the Navy. I did a lot of growing up while there, and left as a Third Class (barely).
Had a great time overseas, and retired from the Navy 30 years later as a Master Chief, and am now sailing for MSC as a Chief Steward.
Forty years at sea started on Skagit.

Posted: 11/21/2003
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Lloyd Adams (DC2)

E-Mail: lloydadams@satx.rr.com
Onboard: 1966 - 1968
Dept./Div. R
Rate/Rank: DC2

I'll be sending some pictures of San Antonio for the reunion next year.

Thanks for putting this web site together.

Posted: 11/20/2003
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Warren E. Holcomb 'Seb' (GMG2)

E-Mail: sebjp4@yahoo.com.
Onboard: 1960-1961
Dept./Div. Fourth
Rate/Rank: GMG2

From the Skagit I served on shore duty, and three other ships, and retired January 1972 as GMGC.
While onboard, Ensign John Nunn was Division Officer
After I retired I moved to Greenwood, Arkansas, and worked in law enforcement.

Posted: 11/15/2003
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Vincent 'Mike' Gillespie (SN 1c)

E-Mail: Vandjgillespie@aol.com
Onboard: Commissioning to Dec. 1945
Dept./Div. Second Deck Division
Rate/Rank: Leading Seaman/Coxswain

I joined the crew while we were assembling at the Newport Receiving Station in Rhode Island, and was transferred from the Skagit in December, 1945 to a ship returning to the US.
I had accumulated sufficient points for discharge. I enlisted a month after I became 15 and was discharged at 18.
Previous to the Skagit I served aboard an ATA, an AK (USS Pleades), and took part in the Normandy invasion and the invasion of Southern France.
Though I have numerous memories of the Skagit and vivid recollections of particular crew members, I recall but few names.
The original Captain, Commander Parker, received his fourth stripe while aboard. He was an excellent Captain, and a superb man. I remember, as well, the Second Deck Division officer, Lt. Flemming, also a fine man. My two closest friends were Donald Wickstram of Denver, Colorado and James Savage of Sterling, Kansas, now deceased. I was probably the youngest person aboard the Skagit during WWll.
Though I served aboard four ships during and immediately after the war, I remember the USS Skagit the most fondly.

Posted: 11/05/2003
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Al Mendenhall (TE2)

E-Mail: alnan@warpnet.net
Onboard: USS Comstock (LSD-19) 1953-1955

Brings back memories long forgotten. Have several hundred slides in the attic I've been wanting to download to CD.
Should have quite a few of the operation. Still have the envelope stamped with the "Passage to Freedom Aug.-Sept. 1954", 'course it's getting a little faded like I am.
Thanks for the site.

Posted: 10/25/2003
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Rick Lehtonen (RD1)

E-Mail: LTCE7@AOL.com
Onboard: 1-28-62 to 11-14-62
Dept./Div. OI Division
Rate/Rank: RD1

Enjoyed reading the comments.
Question-- Does anyone know what happened to Jerry Sullivan RD2? Would like to Know.

Posted: 10/22/2003
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Thomas William McCready (SN)

E-Mail: dam69don@aol.com
Onboard: 1958 - 1962
Dept./Div. 3rd Division
Rate/Rank: Seaman - Assalt Boat Cox'n

The e-mail address is his sons. My Dad doesn't own a computer. Any contact can go through this e-mail.

Posted: 10/05/2003
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Richard W. Keiper (EM3)

E-Mail: kc8vfe@comcast.net
Onboard: 1963 - 1967
Dept./Div. E Division
Rate/Rank: EM3

Hi Gang,
Found this site after the Buffalo reunion. Hope to make it to one in the future. I hope everyone is doing good, and would like to hear from my old shipmates.
Good luck to all,
Richard W. Keiper ( Dick )

Posted: 09/22/2003
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Bernie Cortez (SMCM) USN Ret.


Outstanding web site! Bravo Zulu!
I served 33 years US Navy, and now retired. Owner/Broker real estate business in Laredo, Texas.
Adios Amigos!

Posted: 09/05/2003
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Edward A. Spigler

My father, Edward A. Spigler, served aboard the USS Skagit during WWII, and was aboard her while she was in Toyko Bay during the signing of the surrender documents by Japan.

Edward Spigler
E-Mail: relgips@bellsouth.net

Posted: 08/24/2003
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James W. Dougherty (EM2)

E-Mail: SATough@aol.com

My brother, James W. Dougherty served on the USS Skagit, and passed away from a rare disease 29 Nov. 2000.
Buried at sea from the Guided Missle Cruiser USS Vella Gulf Cruiser CG72 in June 2001.
He attended all or most reunions and was present at the reunion in Sept. 2000 just 2 months before his death.
I am the family genealogist and checked this site for information on his ship to post to my genealogy website.
I wonder if there might be a way for me to obtain a picture of his ship that I would be allowed to post on my site?
Thank you
Shirley Tough

Posted 8/23/2003
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Louis D. Borst (ETR2)

E-Mail: alsanjoyce@prodigy.net
Onboard: 1966-1968
Dept./Div. OE
Rate/Rank: ETR2

Posted: 08/06/2003
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Captain Dennis K. Allen

E-Mail: denjude@charter.net

Looking for a current address for Ensign Joe Long who served in SKAGIT during the 1961-1962 time frame. Joe is from the Tacoma, WA area but I'm unable to locate him. Thought there might be a shipmate with current info that he would be willing to share.

Posted: 07/31/2003
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Darrell Daugherty (BMC)

E-Mail: darrelld344@aol.com
Onboard: 1951-1955
Dept./Div. Boat
Rate/Rank: SN

Here's my new E-Mail address

Posted: 07/25/2003
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Steve Hoff (RM1)

E-Mail: indianpopa@hotmail.com
Onboard: 1967-1968
Dept./Div. Radio
Rate/Rank: RM1

Anyone remember the trip we took to Skagit County Wa. and tore the town (Anacortes) down along with the dock when we pulled into their port? Would like to hear from any other Radioman that served with me.

Posted: 07/25/2003
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Charles Ray Hackenberg (YN2)

E-Mail: LUCYRAYHACK@aol.com
Onboard: Mar. 54 to mid 1956
Dept./Div. Communications
Rate/Rank: SN, TE3, TE2, & YN2

My son called to tell me of this web site and I could hardly wait to get on it.
I served under Capt. T.A. Torgerson. I was there for "Operation Passage to Freedom" and was in Charge of the Post Office my last year there. I have pictures I would like to send to you for posting.

Posted: 07/06/2003
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Rolland Turcotte (ET2)

E-Mail: rollandrgt@aol.com
Onboard: Nov 5, 1953-Aug, 1956
Dept./Div. O
Rate/Rank: ET2

Posted: 07/04/2003
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Kevin D. Harty, CDR USN (Ret)

E-Mail: kevgin@usa2net.net
Dept./Div. XO
Onboard: 1952-53
Rate/Rank: Commander

What great web-site !!! I was just checking out some old Navy friends and ships and tried
(again!!!) to reach SKAGIT after first missing it several times.
It was a pleasure to see all the material you have managed to collect for this site undertaking. Great work.
I wonder if Bill Winter (Captain in 1952) is still around.

Best regards: KDH

Posted: 07/03/2003
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James L. Seed (RM2)

E-Mail: sife@shawneelink.net
Onboard: August, 1950 to December, 1953
Dept./Div. Radio
Rate/Rank: RM 2

I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who served on the Skagit from August of 1950 through December of 1953. I would be especially interested in contacting those who served in the Radio Gang during that time.

Posted: 06/24/2003
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Don Carpenter (CS3)

E-Mail: carpenterdonald@hotmail.com
Onboard USS Arikara ATF-98 in 1969

We were leaving Pearl Harbor, all lines were cast off, except the bow line, when the ship's Boatswains Mate 1st class came runnning down the pier.
He takes the line out of the hands of the line handlers, and gets wet, but pulled safely aboard.

Posted: 06/20/2003
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Al Mendenhall (TE2)

E-Mail: alnan@warpnet.net
Onboard USS Comstock LSD-19, Aug. - Sept. 1954

Surfing the web, and ran across this site. I had priviously tried without success, to find any mention of the "Passage to Freedom" operation.
I have several hundred slides in my attic that I haven't looked at in years. I would imagine quite a few should be of this operation.

Posted: 06/20/2003
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Jim Kennel "Doghouse" (MM1)

E-Mail: JmKnnl@aol.com
Onboard: Jan. 1954 - April 1957
Dept./Div. "M" Division
Rate/Rank: From FN to MM1/C

I have many good memories of my three years on board the Skagit, and many good friends some of whom I am still in touch with.
My wife (Karen) and I sure do enjoy the reunions since Joe Toth got us activated.
We presently live in Nixa, MO; which is between Springfield and Branson, MO.
I retired from the University of Missouri in 1992.
Would love to hear from anyone who served at the same time as I did.
I saw one person who had signed on that mentioned "Penny". Would sure like to know what ever happened to him. He was in Treasure Island when I got mustered out.

Posted: 06/16/2003
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C. A. Rush (EN2)

E-Mail: c.rush@comcast.net

Onboard: 1955 - 1957
Dept./Div. Boat Division
Rate/Rank: FN to EN2

Came aboard from shore duty at Keyport Wash. Aboard for two Asian tours, winter and summer.
After Penny, and Chief Rogers shipped out, I had the Division until my enlistment was up.
Would be glad to hear from any one on same tour. Does any one know of the Mincey boys?

Posted: 06/16/2003
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James A. Phillips (HMC/PJ)

E-Mail: kf4etx1@wmconnect.com
Onboard: Sept. 1961 - Jan. 1962
Dept./Div. Medical
Rate/Rank: Hm3/HM2

Was on the Skagit during part of her recommissioning in SanFrancisco, then down to SanDiego.
Went to AVMED school in Penscola.
Wintered over at the South pole.
Served in Vietnam on para-rescue team as HMC(PJ) USN, and retired off the Saratoga CV-60 April, 1975

Posted: 06/02/2003
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Richard Todd, US Army

E-Mail: richard.s.todd@us.army.mil

In 1967, when I was in 3rd grade the Skagit was in Puget Sound, and open to the publlc for visitors.
The Skagit was the first Navy vessel I ever toured.
To this kid it seemed huge and intimidating. Perhaps that is why I am in the Army to this day...

Posted: 06/02/2003
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Alan Reiss (CS3)

E-Mail: bogiemaster@netzero.net
Onboard: Nov. 1966 through decommissioning.
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: CS3 (Cook)

Hindsite reveals some of the best days of my life.

Posted: 05/22/2003
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William R. Park (EN2)

E-Mail: bbparkncpa@webtv.net
Onboard: 1951 - 1955
Dept./Div. Boat
Rate/Rank: EN2

I found this site recently. It is a great privilege to be among so many former shipmates. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
This is a tribute to Hook Kelly and Satch Frampton.

Posted: 05/11/2003
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DeWayne "BO" Bollinger (EM3)

E-Mail: bostoy@webtv.net
Onboard: Feb. 1955 to June 1958
Dept./Div. Electrical
Rate/Rank: EM3

I live in Overland Park Kansas, and would love to hear from others who served aboard the Skagit when I did.

Posted: 05/10/2003
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James "Jim" L. Bair (SK2)

E-Mail: cabsellers@earthlink.net
Onboard: 1958-1962
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: SK2 (E5)

Would like to hear from former shipmates.

Posted: 05/10/2003
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Donald E. Peterson (SK3)

E-Mail: bardon1@gotousa.net
Onboard: June 1956 to Sept 1957
Dept./Div. Supply
Rate/Rank: Storekeeper 3rd

Heard about the web site from Bill Turner who served at same time.

Posted: 05/06/2003
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GMC M. Edgar Brown

E-Mail: mebrown@cgrc.uscg.mil

Very nice website, Mike.
Glad I stopped by. Your Daughter showed me the website, I serve in the same field she does except, I'm a Coastie.
Take care.

Posted: 04/27/2003
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Albert J. Gomez (MM2)

E-Mail: luchal@gcnet.com
Onboard: 1950-1954
Dept./Div. M
Rate/Rank: MM2

I'm finally online for my old shipmates that would like to contact me.

Posted: 04/21/2003
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Charles Stewart (FN1/c)

E-Mail: chuckbet@hotmail.com
Onboard: 1946 to 1948
Rate/Rank: Fireman First Class

If anyone remembers me, please give me a buzz or send me a message.

Posted: 04/19/2003
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Lonny L. Black (SN)

E-Mail: deblon@ptdprolog.net

I was a Seaman in 1st Division aboard the USS Anchorage LSD36 1974 to 1975.
I love The Navy!

Posted: 04/18/2003
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James Phillips (HM1/PJ) USN Ret.

E-Mail: kf4etx1@wmconnect.com
Onboard: 1961 - 1962
Dept./Div. Medical
Rate/Rank HM3

Reported aboard 9/61 and departed for USS Uvalde AKA88 1/62. Aboard for short period, transferred to help take Uvalde to east coast.
Retired 1975 USS Saratoga CV-60
Son lives in Bilioxi, so I plan to attend the reunion.

Posted: 04/08/2003
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Jim Perkins

Great web site. Too bad that other sailors haven't taken the time to document their duty aboard the ships they served on.
Jim Perkns

Battle Stars and Naval Awards

Posted: 04/01/2001
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Jim Cavan (LCDR)

E-Mail: jcavan@bostonretail.com
Onboard: Mar 1964 to Dec 1965
Dept./Div. Engineering (DCA)

Posted: 03/24/2003
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Wayne Pettit (PN3)

E-Mail: wayneo@cox.net
Onboard: 1961-1963
Dept./Div. X Division
Rate/Rank: PN3

I was assigned to the Ship's Office. I remember most of the crew pictured here. I served on 2 ship's during my stint, the second being the USS Bryce Canyon (AD 36). Enjoyed this site very much. Brought back many good memories.

Posted: 03/23/2003
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Ray M. Cowan (SN)

E-Mail: cowa@clatskanie.com
Onboard: 1962-1964
Dept./Div. X Division
Rate/Rank: SN

I was in the ships, and operations office. Give me an E-Mail.

Posted 03/08/2003
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Dean McVicker (RM3)

E-Mail: ddmcv57@aol.com
USS Magoffin 1955-1957

Served with the Skagit on board the USS Magoffin. Would like to find a web site for the USS Magoffin.
Don't know when it was decommissioned etc.
Dean McVicker

Posted 03/06/2003
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Edwin S. Johnson [Johnny] (BMSN)

E-Mail: EDbike1@aol.com
Onboard: Oct. 1961 - Jan. 1964
Dept./Div. 3rd Division (Assault Boat Coxswain)
Rate/Rank: BMSN

I was coxswain of LCM 3,
I have had a great time today, as today was my first to search for the Skagit.
Would love to hear from any ships crew from 1961-1964 3rd Div. Boat Group.
Thank You.
Johnny Johnson

Posted 02/24/2003
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Ernie Powell (PFC) USMC

E-Mail: ernest.b.powell@verizon.net
Onboard: 21 Aug. 1965 to 12 Sept. 1965
Dept./Div. USMC
Rate/Rank: PFC

You fellas transported us from San Diego to Okinawa.
Headquarters Battery 11th Marines.
Damn the chow was good on that ship

Posted 02/19/2003
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Francis E. Leidenberger

Onboard: 1945 - 1946

My name is Rachel Leidenberger.
My Grandfather is Francis Leidenberger, and I was wondering if you have any pictures of him on his ship. He passed away in July of 2002, and I really would like to see some pictures.
If you could send them by e-mail that would be great.
Thanks a bunch.
Hey Pop-Pop,
You are no longer with us, but I want you to know that I really love you and that I think about you all the time. Love,
Your Granddaughter,
Rachel Leidenberger

Posted 02/19/2003
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J. T. Bond (SN)

E-Mail: firemanphred@hotmail.com
Onboard: 16 Nov. 1964 - 12 Feb. 1968
Dept./Div. Assault Boat Group
Rate/Rank: E-3

Came aboard while the Skagit was holding assault beach practice with the Army off the coast of California.
Started out in the engine room as a BT, transferred to the radio room later on. First cruise I got busted out of the radio shack and transferred to BC division.
Finally found my niche in the Navy. Was assigned to LCM-1 as a bow hook for one of the best coxn's around, Johnson I think his name was. Served during Operation Silverlance with him on the only LCM with one running engine. Also served during Operation Double Eagle.
I was given my own boat when we got back stateside, LCM-6, which we promptly turned over to receive new boats. Mike 6 never had a breakdown during the time she was mine. Not because of what I did " tricking " her out, but because I had a great engineer, Morris. Also had a wonderful bow hook assigned to me right out of the reserves, young fella named Smith,of course we called him Smitty. These guys almost, never let me run out of hot coffee, one of the main staples of a good boat crew. Probably would have shipped over except for one man, an Ensign who broke it off in us. Water under the keel.
Enjoyed my tour aboard her, hated that she got scrapped. Such is life, nothing (almost) lasts forever. Many brave souls have served aboard this great ship, and many wonderful memories. Hope to make a reunion someday and maybe see some my old shipmates. If it's close maybe I can ride my bike. Enjoyed the site, hope more of the crew sign up.
Time to "cast off all lines and get under way"
Houston Fire Dept. (Ret.)

Posted 02/17/2003
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James L. Dearborn (EN 3)

E-Mail: Dearborn@Pacifier.Com
Onboard: 1951 - 1954
Dept./Div. Boat Group
Rate/Rank: EN3

After discharge I married and now live in Vancouver, WA. I owned a Millwork Business and worked for 48 years, and retired in 2001.
Now I'm ready to do some traveling, would like to hear from anyone who served during the years between 1951 to 1954.

Posted 02/08/2003
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Fred Dupont (RD 3)

E-Mail: ln1440@aol.com
Onboard: USS Warrington DD 843, 1966-1970
Dept./Div. OI Division, aka Scope Dope
Rate/Rank: RD 3

Came across your site while looking for Naval Captains.

Posted 1/29/2003
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Parker Evatt, CDR, UNSR (Ret.)

E-Mail: PElake156@aol.com
Onboard: Feb. 1958 - Mar. 1960
Dept./Div. Engineering
Rate/Rank: LT(jg)

Old shipmate, Clark Leonard, advised me of the web site, and here I am.

Posted 01/26/2003
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John A. Pace III (RM3)

E-Mail: j.paceiii@worldnet.att.net
Onboard: 1956 - 1957
Dept./Div. Operations (Communications)
Rate/Rank: RMSA to RM3

Happy to visit, hoping to visit some more.

Posted 01/23/2003
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Bob L. Morris ( --2 )

E-Mail: JPOatpie@aol.com
Onboard: 1952-1955
Dept./Div. Engineers Division
Rate/Rank: 2nd Class

Would like to hear from anyone on there at the same time. And interested in finding out about what happened to Lyndon Eugene Maker.
Thank you.
Bob L. Morris

Posted 01/23/2003
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Bill Griedel (RM)

Onboard: 1945
Dept./Div. Operations
Rate/Rank: RM

This is his Grandaughter, but i thought it would be important to him if he were remembered for his efforts.
I really look up to him, and all of the friends that he made while he was in the Navy....
I'm really glad to have people on my side such as him. Thank you,
Amber l. Griedel

Posted 01/12/2003
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Akin T. Brill (RM 3)

E-Mail: K2ATB@arrl.net
Onboard: 1948
Dept./Div. C Division
Rate/Rank: RMSN

The ship participated in the annual supply expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska (BAREX 48) with 4 other AKA's in the convoy while I served on board.

Posted 01/10/2003
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Cline Wright (GM 2)

E-Mail: rucli1395@aol.com
Onboard: 1954-1955
Dept./Div. First Division
Rate/Rank: GM2

Have lots of good memories of the Skagit and the reunions now are great.

Posted 01/06/2003
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Jimmie Durham (BM 2)

E-Mail: jimmieima@aol.com
Onboard: Oct. 1951 to Mar. 1955
Dept./Div. First Division
Rate/Rank: Boatswains Mate 2nd class

Posted 01/05/2003
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Jerold Alan Shelby (ET 2)

E-Mail: jaas@samlink.com
Onboard: 1958-1960
Dept./Div. Operations
Rate/Rank: ET 2

I reported aboard 4/58 as a ET striker seaman 2nd, and departed 8/60 as a ET PO2.
I rode her from San Diego on WesPac criuses, hauling the 3rd Marines through a typhoon on our way to Beruit, and a boiler explosion off B.C. on our way to Adak.
More One Alpha operations aboard the Cowhand 8 M boat than I wish to remember.
I made a lot of friends that I have never seen again, and knew a few that I never missed.

Posted 01/03/2003
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Robert S. Riedel (SN)

E-Mail: riedelski@worldnet.att.net
Onboard: 1967 for about 9 months
Dept./Div. IC
Rate/Rank: SN

Enjoyed the time aboard. Great crew and some memorable ports of call. I especially liked Singapore and rubbing elbows with the British fleet.
I would very much like to hear from some of the crew on board during 1967!
Bob Riedel

Posted 01/01/2003
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