Harold V. Whitney

Harold V. Whitney
Gunners Mate 3rd Class

Pasco, Washington

Former Port Orchard resident Mr. Harold V. Whitney husband of 40 years to Mrs. Barbara I. Whitney passed away June 20, 2012 into the light of Heavens where he was met by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Loren and Loretta Whitney and his wonderful Uncle Bill who went before him to spread goodness into all of God's Lands.

He was born April 24, 1943 in Seattle, Washington. He had a wonderful life as he grew into manhood with his Father's Guidance and Mother's Love. He had two great brothers, Jerry and Bill Whitney and he always had a smile on his face.

Harold loved the Navy where he grew into a man over seas while he served as a Gunner's Mate on the USS Skagit while in Viet Nam. The Veterans Affairs medical system in Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and Seattle really took good care of him these last years when he had medical issues. They all worked tirelessly into giving him anything to make his life better. They all know that Harold and I always appreciated their never ending care for him.

He worked for Cascade Natural Gas for 38 years and he loved his job as a Meter Electronic Inspector where he traveled to all the districts and worked with so many. He and his wife lived in Port Orchard from 1973 to 1980. He had patience beyond hope for all the new inspectors and tried to teach many his craft before he went onto his next phase, which was being a good golfer. For the last 20 years, even before he retired he loved chasing that little white ball around and he enjoyed his friends every day at Golfland in Pasco, WA.

Harold loved his grandchildren Kaleb Smylie and Randii Smylie. He always had a light in his eyes and a smile hoping to see them soon. They were the gleam in his life.

When he died at home in my arms, every Paramedic in our City of Pasco came to his aide. Every policeman including the Fire Chief himself. They tried for a very long time and would have done anything to bring him back to me. I can't thank them enough.

There will be no formal funeral. We will have a small gathering at Golfland at 10 a.m. on the 29th of June where he enjoyed his golf games and his buddies.

Harold V. Whitney

Harold V. Whitney